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We really deliver!

The United Paws Postal Service

The UPPS is a network of skilled wildlife working together across the globe to send important and unimportant mail between animals.

Passed from paw to claw and hoof to flipper, letters and packages are expertly transported via our extremely nifty land, sea and air services.

We’re keeping the natural world connected, one creature at a time.

Please contact your local UPPS office if you are an animal with excellent postal potential, and would like to join our experienced mailgang.

We are currently seeking:

After its humble Jurassic beginnings when velociraptors worked out ways to send fun stones to one another, the UPPS evolved through many really weird stages of development before becoming the world-famous mail system it is today.

In 2018, fluffy entrepreneurs Margot and Stanley recognised the potential of animal-led postage solutions and, given their commitment to serve all scaly, fuzzy and stinky customers across the globe, announced that humans would now also be able to enjoy our services.

‘Written communication between animals and humans is essential’ explained Margot, wagging her nice yellow tail, ‘and UPPS wants to make that happen’.

A number of conditions to human participation were established which included being below a standard height of 4’ 10”, a kindness towards nature, and dedication to stories and magic.

A growing family of people and creatures worldwide is now reaping the benefits of the only multi-animal global mail network which really delivers.

*Margot and Stanley are available for comment, interviews and doggy treats*